Who we Serve

Ultimately, Inner Flourishing serves the students who benefit from the mindful presence we help to bring to their teachers, administrators and support staff. We have worked with youth from transitional kindergarten to college seniors, online and in classrooms, teaching our transformative lessons.

Our variety of mindfulness programs are designed to touch all members of the school community, and we have serviced educators and staff over the years who have been impacted by our trainings.

Words From our Participants

“I am smiling more in class. I am more patient. Yes, there is still chaos, but it’s like you have to remember that they are kids. My class is grateful for me and like being around me.”

"Practicing mindfulness with Neena was very helpful to me as a college student. I have practiced mindfulness in therapy when I was a teenager, but practicing mindfulness as a 21 year old was a completely different experience. I think that all college students should have some type of mindfulness meditation incorporated in the curriculum because I think the benefits could be amazing if practiced regularly."

"I appreciate the plethora of material that she gave us to practice, her compassion as this serves as the platform for getting the message across, and the topics were powerful!"

"I think this program provides people with strategies/tools to be more aware of yourself and your body. Helping you discover what you are feeling and what you need to do for yourself in different moments during the day."

“It helped me to stop in the middle of a lesson to breathe with them instead of forcing them to pay attention. And if I had a bad morning at home, it helped to just sit for a few minutes first.”

“I really enjoyed engaging in the mindfulness sessions with Neena and really is a good starting point to what I have learned is something that is ongoing and requires fluidity and forgiveness. Realizing that this is not an instant cure and that mindfulness is not relaxations but about acknowledging what your body, mind and soul are experiencing and hopefully some practices do provide relaxation and relief.”

“When students are agitating me, I still have to go back to slowing down before reacting. Students respond better to a loving approach.”

"This program has reminded me every week to remain present and for that I am thankful! And to also take breaks for myself!"

"Neena met with my class of 25 college seniors four times over a month and changed their outlook on what mindfulness is and does. The students were able to give the acts of awareness and being present, however that looked for them in the moment, a chance. Through her clear teaching, thought-provoking questions, and guided meditations the concept of mindfulness resonated. Neena is organized, has great resources—and is a gifted mindfulness educator."

“I noticed a dramatic shift when we practiced after prep. They were able to get grounded and independent reading went way better.”